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Above the Rim


Victory's "Above the Rim" Ministry meets every Monday night at our Gym (located on the grounds of the Church) from 6.30pm - 7pm for Bible class followed by basketball until 9pm. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Come learn how success on the court can become success in real life! Call 256 767 1749 for more details.

Word In-Work Out (Wed. 6pm)


Bible study, Q&A, ending with light physical activity. Keeping our mind, spirit, and body healthy!

Relentless Pursuits 

This study series focuses on marriage and family. Like us on Facebook, and journey with us as we pursue Godly marriages, and raise Godly families!

Sunday School (10am)

Come join us before services for am in-depth study on God's Word! 

Children's Church (11.30am)

For ages 3-14. Children will learn all about God, His Holy Word, and His plan for salvation through His son, Jesus Christ. Curriculum by Answers in Genesis.

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